Ever considered owning your own product transitioning into a founder or a business owner, from a service-based industry. Actually majority of our customers have strong financial backgrounds such as accountants and chief financial officers.

No matter how many years you have experienced business, there would of been one time you have thought about wanting to engage with a local kilang OEM, meaning factory oem in Malaysia.

In this post, we will gives you 5 steps to becoming a product owner. Finding an OEM factory is just one of them.

Kilang OEM Malaysia @ Furley Bioextracts Sdn Bhd

kilang oem Malaysia

1. Do Not Rush Product Completion

Your first step is to find a GMP-certified OEM factory.

GMP stands for ‘Good Manufacturer Practice’ which means that the certified factory has been recognised by a government body to meet OEM production guidelines. The main advantage is quality assurance. Producing thrugh a GMP-certified factory will also make it easier for your product to achieve MOH approval, Halal, MESTI and cosmetic registration (NOT).

Without a GMP certified factory, you might waste time, energy and money when applying for such approval. Producing products without such approval can leave you vulnerable to lawsuits should anything go wrong.

Without a GMP certified factory, you might waste time, energy and money when applying for such approval. Producing products without such approval can leave you vulnerable to lawsuits should anything go wrong.

Furley Bioextracts Sdn Bhd is a GMP-certified 100% Malaysian-owned factory catered to OEM product Malaysia. We guarantee only the best quality products with an in-house R&D team. We can even help you formulate your idea with our experienced staff. Our price is very cheap and competitive with a minimum production (MOQ) of 500 pieces (depending on your product type).

Lowest entry points are cosmetic products manufacturered by a oem manufacturer malaysia preferably in the country where you are based.

2. Have a Strong Marketing Strategy

Do you have experience as a dropship/stockist or agent for any product? If yes, then you probably know a bit about marketing.

But in order to become a successful product owner, you will need more than that. You will need a marketing strategy with several systems that are understood to ensure sustainability.

3. Have an Online Store

Online shopping is the norm. Having a website helps you close sales automatically. Data collection is done during user registration and payment can be accomplished through an FPX payment. Make sure it’s set-up to accept credit cards.

4. Automate Your Social Media

Automate your social media so that you are always on top of any new leads. Social media can be used for several purposes such as branding, promotion and announcements. For these different purposes, you would need to run several campaigns at the same time. If you don’t reply in time, your lead will lose interest leading to a lost sale. Hence the need to automate.

5. Google Ads and SEO are Essential

These very important aspects for your branding. Google is used by everyone from queries to problem-solving. One statistic showed that 80 percent of Malaysian users use Google for this very purpose.

By making your website easy to find, you can increase your conversion rate. For every 100 visitors, 3-8% is the normal conversation rate. Mean 3 – 8 people. Therefore if 1000 people visit a day, 30-80 people buy.

Using Google Ads and SEO to increase your website ranking helps to increase product sales and brand building.

Bonus Tips for Boss Edition

Data Harvesting

Use tools such as google trends, SEMRush, Moz to identify keywords that indicate how people search for items using particular terms. In Malaysia, the Malay language contributes a significant amount of traffic as well.

This could play a role in optimizing the way you communicate your brand across to your target audience and customers.

Business Plan & Business Marketing Canvas

Layout your business plan and establish a business canvas to identify the strengths in your business being yourself and your resources as opposed to others to identify what makes you different from the rest.

business plan business model canvas

This gives you the ability to emphasise your strengths thereby giving you the edge over the competition.

So now you know what it takes to become a brand owner, are you ready to take that first step? Kilang OEM with Furley Bioextracts Sdn. Bhd. today.


Furley Bioextracts has been in business for 15+ years, has combined experience of 50+ years experience in manufacturing creating over 10,000+ formulations. Certifications include ISO22000, ISO13485, cGMP, HACCP and Halal

We work with small microentrepreneurs to large multinational companies to develop their products.

We are a contract manufacturer, OEM, business partner, mentorship that specializes in manufacturing food, cosmetics, traditional, capsules, medical devices and supplements. We serve clients from all around the world including Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East/Africa and North America regions.

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