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Piper sarmentosum enhances fracture healing in ovariectomized osteoporotic rats: a radiological study.

Mohamed Abdalla Estai; Farihah Haji Suhaimi Srijit Das; Fazalina Mohd Fadzilah; Sharifah Majedah Idrus Alhabshi; Ahmad Nazrun Shuid; Ima-Nirwana Soelaiman

Preparation of the Ps extract. Fresh Ps leaves (5 kg) were obtained from a supplier after being
identified by a plant botanist from Furley Marketing Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia. The entire Ps extraction
process was performed by Furley Marketing Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia.

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Histological changes in the fracture callus following the administration of water extract of Piper sarmentosum (Daun Kadok) in estrogen-deficient rats

Farihah Hj Suhaimi, Mohamed Abdalla Estai, Ima Nirwana Soelaiman, Ahmad Nazrun Shuid, Srijit Das, Aishah Mohd Ali

Preparation of Water Extract of Ps Approximately five kg of Ps fresh leaves were obtained from
a supplier. The plant was identified by a botanist from Furley Marketing Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia. Water
extraction process of Ps was done by Furley Marketing Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia

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Aqueous extract of Piper sarmentosum decreases atherosclerotic lesions in high cholesterolemic experimental rabbits

Adel A Amran, Zaiton ZakariaEmail author, Faizah Othman, Srijit Das, Santhana Raj and Nor-Anita M M Nordin

Ps extract preparation. The leaves of Ps were extracted by aqueous method by Furley Marketing
Sdn,Bhd, Malaysia. The authors would also like to thanked Furley Marketing Sdn.Bhd. Malaysia for the plant extraction and Mrs Zanariyah for her technical assistance.

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Changes in the vascular cell adhesion molecule-1, intercellular adhesion molecule-1 and c-reactive protein following administration of aqueous extract of piper sarmentosum on experimental rabbits fed with cholesterol diet

Adel A Amran, Zaiton Zakariaa, Faizah Othman, Srijit Das, Hesham M Al-Mekhlafi and Nor-Anita MM Nordin

Preparation of the aqueous extract of Ps extract. The aqueous extract of Ps leaves were
extracted in the laboratory of Furley Marketing Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia. The … The authors
would also like to thank Furley Marketing Sdn.Bhd. Malaysia

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Innovation and firm creation strategies in the emerging biotechnology industries

Said, Mohd Fuaad and Adham, Khairul Akmaliah and Abdullah, Nur Atiqah and Sarkam, Saida Farhanah and Quoquab, Farzana and Hanninen, Seppo

Innovation and firm creation are enablers of industry development, especially in industries that are technology-intensive. In the contexts of an emerging industry, industry development supports the transformation of an emerging economy into a developed one. Therefore, by understanding innovation and firm creation strategies and the variables that influence them entrepreneur-managers will be able to design strategies for the development of their firms, and policy makers will be able to institute a conducive environment which support rapid growth of the industry. This study examines the strategies for innovation and firm creation adopted by 92 companies in the emerging Malaysian biotechnology sector. The objective is to gain an understanding of the variables that influence their innovation and firm creation strategies. To achieve this objective, content analysis methodology was utilized and data was gathered from sources in the public domain. Findings reveal industry’s contextual variables influence innovation and firm creation in the emerging biotechnology industry. Some of the emergent strategies for companies in this industry are establishing a family of firms, collaborating with business partners, locating their operation close to resources, and internationalizing their operation. These strategies, in turn, are influenced by the age and size of the companies. These findings can be explained by three major theories of competition; the influence of the external environment can be explained via the industrial organization perspective, while the resources and innovative conduct, being of strategic imperatives can be described through the resource-based and the Schumpeterian views. These insights offer entrepreneur-managers and policy makers directions toward enhancing the process of innovation and firm development, which in turn can support the development of technology-intensive companies and industries.

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