Supplement Liquid & Powder, Formulation

Formulating supplements and registering them with the Ministry of Health Malaysia (BPFK) can be a very daunting task. If a poor approach is taken it can be a very lengthy process with a high degree of failure.

Our experience in both maintaining a factory able to manufacture such products solidifies our understanding of the requirements BPFK has imposed on Supplements.

Formulation Services

Formulation Stability

Stability encompasses dispersibility, temperature stability, moisture stability, bioactive decomposition & ingredient interactions.

This includes stability of maillard reaction prone formulations.

Packaging Advice and Labeling

Packaging information has to conform to the advertising act of Malaysia. Information such as the ingredient list, pack size & nutritional facts are mandatory.

Extending more than the aesthetics of packaging, the type of packing used to pack products such as powder must act as a moisture barrier increasing food stability and reducing the risk of contamination and spoilage. Thus increasing shelf life and mitigating the risk of an expensive product recall.

Cost Management/Mitigation

Being able to remain competitive on the market is often overlooked by customers. Working together based on your forecast and commitment we are able to lock in costs of raw materials alleviating sudden increases in price which can irritate end users.

Further extending from forecasting due to our full-time research & development team we can formulate and test stability of alternatives for existing raw materials.

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