In-order to conclusively make decisions prototyping is a requirement for all projects. It allows both the manufacturer and customer evaluate possible options, performance and scenarios.

  1. Taste
  2. Stability
  3. Appearance
  4. Overall product appearance

Having both pilot and full-scale manufacturing facilities we are able to cater to our customers demands for prototypes whatever your reasons are.

It could be for the purposes of funding or as part of product upscaling/manufacturing.

We will support you with your prototyping requests

What Can Prototyping Do?

 More effective communication with everyone.

Communicate your idea and concept more effectively with your team, packaging or marketing experts, investors and potential business partners.

Reducing Risk & Failures


Prototypes allows our customers preform critically required sensory evaluation. Based on the information generated here we are able to further improve taste, texture, dispensation type & nutritional benefit/value.

Design, Packaging & Ease-of-Use


The design process is the first thing your customer sees. The ability to create product prototypes allows our customers further understand their products position in the market.

Testing Performance

Given the ability to test products in both a laboratory setting and real-life scenario allows comprehensive analysis of the products acceptance, stability and overall positioning in market.

After these results the ability to turn-around information is as important as being able to test the product.

Going beyond the idea into realisation.


The ability to produce a prototype at times is overlooked as a key asset to have during any aspect of sales, pitching & raising of funds.

To materialise your idea into something physical alleviates scepticism on the feasibility of the concept. It brings credibility and sets apart dreamers from doers and brings a lot of traction to any negotiation.

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