Cosmetic Formulation & Manufacturing

We are able to create a variety of creams based on our customers required performance, viscosity, color and mode of delivery.
Our expertise has developed all natural cream bases as well as conventional oil in water emulsions.

Our library of premium grade essential oils creates a lasting premium impression on customers whilst still remaining competitively priced.

Our cosmetic line is able to produce a cream which is free from bubbles. Due to the 3 in 1 enclosed mixing tank system.

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The study of Rheology allows us to understand the behaviour of creams under parameters such as temperature. Having a thorough understanding of how the product performs in a day to day scenario.

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Our range of natural essential oils ensures your product is not only premium but safe. The stability and use of premium safe essential oils not only appeases the conscious it also allows customers to create a signature smell only unique to their product.



Perception of the cream color has shifted from white to clear to all natural colors for creams. Whatever your demands are we are able to cater to your color demand needs.

Absorption / Play Time / Finishing

Require a low play time? perceived to be absorbed fast? or long play time perceived to have better value – premium?

Our in-house research & development are able to cater to all your requirements and needs. Having a higher water content or vice versa with oil phases.

All this whilst ensuring product stability without seperation issues.

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