Sachet Packing

Our packing facilities for sachet include stick pack sachets, 3 side seal and 4 side seal machines. We are able to cater to most quantities due to our modular line which can be upscaled on a ad-hoc basis.

All this is done in our environmentally controlled rooms featuring positive negative air flow in HEPA air. This reduces the risk of environmental contamination during packing, the results are low yeast, mold spore & foreign fibre count.The site being central air-conditioned allows us to control relative humidity to a maximum of 55% RH.

The site being central air-conditioned allows us to control relative humidity to a maximum of 55% RH meaning reduced changes of free water to promote spoilage in powders.

Sachet Services

Moisture Analyser (In-house)

The ability to run moisture analysis ad-hoc allows us to cross-validate parameters which ensure environmental and product stability is achieved.

Ideally packed products should maintain a <8% water activity, ensuring microorganism spoilage is managed.

ATP Cleanliness Testing

We use 3M Clean-Trace ATP testing protocols to ensure our manufacturing line is cleaned till there are no chances of cross contamination. This eliminates possibilities of microorganism spoilage. It is considered expensive but we believe in delivering the highest level of manufacturing services to our customers.

Clean-trace NG_P


Our knowledge in formulating products enables us to understand possible failures which can occur from existing formulations. We strive to achieve total customer satisfaction in both service and products they manufacture with us.

Packaging and Labelling Compliance

Based on our experience we provide input for packaging material selection as well as labeling compliance with Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Sachet Leak Testing

In-house we have a sachet leak tester, ensuring sachet’s manufactured at our facility achieve the desired seal. Ensuring a true moisture barrier is achieved.

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