Project Detail

Extraction of Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) to Liquid & Powder (shelf life stable form). 

Client : Furley Bioextracts Sdn Bhd

Location : Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Remarks : The project was completed under the budget and has resulted in a multitude of products



Garcinia mangostana (mangosteen) extraction was challenging as it involved multiple disciplines ranging from supply chain management to bioactive stability.

Mangosteen is a seasonal fruit which fruits once a year, which is then manually processed. Another challenge was the concentration of extracts and risk of cross contamination ofmold from the surface of the pericarp.

Customised standardisation was also required in this project.

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With 30+ years experience exporting worldwide and internationally, we can ensure that products manufactured by Furley Bioextracts are of the utmost quality. Our premises is certified with certifications compliant to international manufacturing standards & traceability.