Our OEM factory is all set up with high-quality oem product formulations that will make your brand stand out. We can either OEM Malaysia factories or manufacture these for you at our own facility or by outsourcing depending on what best suits each individual client’s needs; but no matter how it works out we’ll ensure they’re world-class and meet global standards like ours: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) & HALAL(Permitted under Islamic Law).
Read more about manufacturing standards here and why they are important.

With over 30,000+ formulations and growing.

We have over 30+ Years as an OEM Malaysia based company encompassing one of the widest varieties of OEM Product.

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6 Reasons Why Pick FURLEY BIOEXTRACTS as your OEM product Manufacturer?

Actual OEM Factory

We are direct manufacturers registered with the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) and not agents. Our price is factory-direct, lower than any other company’s for quality oem product worth it! We have our own cosmetic production line which can produce what you need when your specific deadline arrives without fail.

We are Biotechnology Status Certified.

Recognized & Trusted

Our OEM factory has GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) status, recognized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). Your brand cosmetic products are ready to get NOTIFICATION (NOT) within 2 weeks from MOH and Halal 6 – 9 months certificate from JAKIM.

Just google Furley Bioextracts on Google, with numerous articles writing about our manufacturing services and our journey with the mangosteen for wound care.

Latest Formulations

The chemist at our company is always ready to R&D and produce unique product for you. We use international materials, quality ingredients with no illegal chemicals whatsoever – including formulas for sensitive skin or hypoallergenic versions suited towards those who suffer from allergies; we even offer certifications in compliance by dermatologists if needed! All of these plus an organic & natural selection mean that there’s a good chance Chemists will have just what you need when it comes time to expand your business’ offerings into new markets while still keeping up its standards as one-of–a kind supplier worldwide.

We even have a proprietary Cosmetic trend system that looks at the latest products manufactured by any oem factory in Malaysia, identifies its price point and unique selling points. Our strengths are definitely for OEM Malaysia products.

OEM Factory A-Z Complete Turn-Key

You are not alone! We know what you’re going through. No one ever said making your own cosmetic products would be easy, but we’ve got this covered from A-Z and we can’t wait to help take on the world with all of our services: R&D, Manufacturing Processes (including procurement), bottling design & package designing MOH/HALAL…and so much more!!


Our OEM factory location is in Selangor, Malaysia. Our product development consultants are ready to talk to you about the development of your brand products.


Cosmetic consultation and All Products is now available with our team of experts. We will help you create the best products for your business and satisfy every customer need, while building a successful brand reputation in this competitive market! Contact us today to learn more about how we can make it happen together.


Furley Bioextracts has been in business for 15+ years, has combined experience of 50+ years experience in manufacturing creating over 10,000+ formulations. Certifications include ISO22000, ISO13485, cGMP, HACCP and Halal

We work with small microentrepreneurs to large multinational companies to develop their products.

We are a contract manufacturer, OEM, business partner, mentorship that specializes in manufacturing food, cosmetics, traditional, capsules, medical devices and supplements. We serve clients from all around the world including Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East/Africa and North America regions.

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