Covid19 What is next? Post/After.

A message from the Managing Director of Furley Bioextracts Kelvin Soo.

Greetings everyone firstly would like to thank everyone who has followed us and supported us by purchasing our products or engaging us as their preferred manufacturer. This year has been a roller coaster of emotions and business.
There have been multiple conversations between friends and customers about what we should do and what the industry is feeling. In general political uncertainty further bolsters a poor preforming economy with low confidence in general, globally businesses are changing and these changes could be permanent.

So here is the post on the my perspective on a current October 2020 to Post Covid19 strategy.

Current October 2020

There is a dramatic reduction in the requirements of sanitizer and disinfection household products. McKinsey Consumer Market Insight Week 26 2020 for Malaysia further bolsters this observation with “pantry” loading around March & April.

Slight resurgence in sales was observed during the conditional CMCO, this was seen with reduction in orders of that category.

Overall due to increased awareness of hygiene personal care products such as hand-wash and body-wash increased by about 25%

During this last period, there has been an increased enquiry for relaxation & sleep-related products.

Recurrence of orders from Vietnam for Spray8 Wound Care was a pleasant surprise as well for our healthcare products.

Moving Forward to the last Quarter Q4 2020 and Beyond Covid19

Create more partnerships with different verticals of industry (diverse), thereby allowing us to be resilient through any scenario given.
Cosmetic, Household, Disinfectants, Food, Supplements, Traditional, Medical Device Class A.

Personally, we have decided to focus on our social media, bolstering SEO traffic. Since Covid19 it would be a safe assumption that online search and purchasing will increase due to familiarity. When we go through the analytics it appears Malay speaking customer is more receptive to digital business dealings.

We have set up a digitization plan to automate the experience of interactions with FBIO. From the entry point as a lead to a project, quotation and invoice.


I believe the consumption of information would be well served digitally with our existing range of themes and formulations becoming digitized alongside with available packaging we have sourced from abroad. Moving Forward to the last Quarter Q4 2020 and Beyond Covid19

Another key observation is the new modified roles of staff whom have seen increased workload due to digitization and multidiscipline requirements. There would need to be a balance struck between work and home, as the lines are as blur as ever; possibly leading to employee exhaustion and dissatisfaction. I personally believe this employee relationship will stay post Covid19.

Final words for us to pull through is to adjust our perspective on consumption to support Malaysian made products as our key preference .

Questioning our purchasing decisions with “Is this made in Malaysia?” how we can try to keep our money in our own economy as long as possible.

Support Malaysian Buy Malaysian.