Looking to save money without compromising on quality? this is called value hacking.

What is Value Hacking?

value hacking

Value Hackers aim to save money without sacrificing quality. They’re finding clever ways to achieve this, such as seeking out dupes (or knockoffs), using credit cards or rewards points, opting for premium private-label brands, and engaging in free activities. (euromonitor)

Why Value Hack?

As costs rise from 2023 to 2024 and disposable income decreases, consumers are more educated and discerning customers. This leads to smarter purchases without compromising on quality, allowing them to reduce spending while still indulging in the items they truly value.

What to look out for when Value Hacking?

To determine quality, we can start by examining the unique value proposition you desire, such as a specific ingredient and its optimal dosage for desired functionality. For instance, a beverage could include 1000mg of Vitamin C.

Pay attention to the ingredients and the declared dosage. Value hacking requires brands to indicate the appropriate dosage expected in the product.

Lower dosages will be cheaper, therefore benchmarking at the same dosage and ingredient type is paramount.

How to Value Hack?

Value hacking products as a consumer can be done by taking advantage of the accessibility to information.

  1. Figure out what features or values you desire to have
  2. The appropriate dosage to see the desired effect. If you are unsure use you can try Consensus
  3. Identify brands that promise the same ingredients at the appropriate dosage at more competitive prices.

Develop a Value Hack Brand


Furley Bioextracts has been in business for 15+ years, has combined experience of 50+ years experience in manufacturing creating over 10,000+ formulations. Certifications include ISO22000, ISO13485, cGMP, HACCP and Halal

We work with small microentrepreneurs to large multinational companies to develop their products.

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