Canister powders are powders packed in a canister with the intention of reducing per serving cost by reducing packaging costs. Canisters are commonly made from:

  1. Paper
  2. Aluminium
  3. Plastic

There are canisters made of aluminium (Milo tin) and plastic as well. Caution must be used when using plastic containers as there is a chance of micro-leaking due to the uneven joint between the mouth and lid.

Paper canisters are used to store items that are prone to damage or contamination. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but all paper canisters share some common characteristics. Paper canisters are made from recyclable materials like paper pulp, recycled newsprint, or other natural fibres. These materials make it possible for the product to biodegrade quickly when disposed of in landfills. The versatility of these containers means they can be used for everything from storing camping gear to holding household chemicals under sinks where children could easily access them if left unprotected.

There are canisters made of aluminium (Milo tin) and plastic as well. Caution must be used when using plastic containers as there is a chance of micro-leaking due to the uneven joint between the mouth and lid.

The history of the canister is not fully known. The first canister was invented in 1850 by John Gaspard and Joseph Montenier in Lyons, France. Unlike other packaging options like paper bags, they were also reusable and could be filled with any content.


5 Reasons why Paper Canisters is the preferred Packing Choice for Brands.

The canister powders are cheaper per serving

One of the reasons that paper canisters are preferred for packing is because they are cheaper per serving than other packaging options. This attribute makes them ideal for food manufacturers who want to offer their loyal customers are cheaper per serving option especially if the product requires daily consumption.

They don’t require any preservatives

Due to the inherited nature of the canister being barriers to pests, humidity and direct water. There is no additional requirement to add preservatives or repack further.

They’re environmentally friendly because the packaging is recyclable & can be repurposed for other uses.

Be the canister being made of paper or aluminium these materials are highly recyclable. Due to the size of the opening of canisters, they make ideal pencil/pen holders and can be used as additional storage in cupboards.

e.g. The container has many uses, the container is versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways. It can be used in applications ranging from storing items in the home to containing chemicals in a laboratory setting. This means that it reduces the need to buy a variety of different containers to meet all storage needs.

Canister have a distinct appearance on the shelves

A canister that is placed on the shelf will stand out to customers’ eyes, especially if the item is new to their store. This is because the colourful design of the canister stands out more than other products. The distinctive appearance of the canister also means that it’s easy for customers to find what they’re looking for, which in turn reduces the time spent searching through shelves.

They are easily packed with a variety of materials

Powders can be challenging factors such as density, moisture and even flow rate of powder at times can result in formulation limitations. Especially if a product has strict criteria of no added fillers or lubricants. Canisters would then be proposed to most customers in this situation as overall the product will be fillable while still maintaining protection of the powder from the environment.


Canisters are here to stay and have been part of our lives since the 1850s and will persist even with the onset of resealable bags. The design of canisters ensures lids when resealed are airtight. While still maintaining the benefits of being fully recyclable.

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