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Our Services.

Powders and Liquids manufacturing lines.

Hot filling with HACCP, ISO22000.



Packaging and product registration support (MAL).


Liquids, Creams and Balms.

NOT Submissions and support.


Liquids, Creams and Balms.
Support with the registration of claims (MAL).


Based on our experience we provide input for packaging material selection as well as labeling compliance with Ministry of Health Malaysia.

We use 3M Clean-Trace ATP testing protocols to ensure our manufacturing line is cleaned till there are no chances of cross-contamination. This eliminates possibilities of microorganism spoilage.

It is expensive but we believe in delivering the highest level of manufacturing services to our customers.

Our knowledge in formulating products enables us to understand possible failures which can occur from existing formulations. Creating formulas which are reliable and of the highest quality.

We strive to achieve total customer satisfaction in both the service and products they manufacture with us.

We will endure to-beat the current cost of your product. Write into us to SAVE NOW!

Our team comprises of 2x PhDs and 3x Biotechnology/Nutritionist/Food Technologist.

We have done work with some of the largest multinational food companies in the world. Further cementing our research and development capabilities in creating ingredients and commercalising them.


Curate unique selling points for your formulas supported with science and statistics.

Full social media tools access – Coming Soon.
Full access to our in-house tools used to market our products. This includes Facebook & Instagram scheduled posting manger. SEO website keyword tracking and optimization. Insight generators and backlink tracking.



  • cth. Premix Kopi, Sachet Kolagen, Tablet Boleh Dimakan untuk Kanak-kanak
  • Tersembunyi
  • Medan ini adalah untuk tujuan pengesahan dan hendaklah dibiarkan tidak berubah.

Popular Product Categories:

  • Weight related (Loss, management & slimming) – Food
  • Mens Health (Boosting, immunity, stamina, strength) – Food, Cosmetic, Supplement, Traditional
  • Womans Health (Immunity, beauty, strength) – Food, Cosmetic, Supplement, Traditional
  • Kids Products (Allergy spray, Head to toes, Bottle cleaners – Full range) – Household, Cosmetic, Traditional
  • Household Products (Hand sanitizer, Surface cleaners, Shampoos & Conditioners)
  • Joint Management (External creams, Food Supplement) – Cosmetic, Traditional
  • Herbal Ointments (Joint pain, Mens Health, Muscle Relief) – Traditional
  • Functional External Traditional (Skin remedies and relief) – Traditional
  • Immunity boosting supplements and food boosters.