Below is a list of ingredients which are prohibited to be used in Food and will require registration in the context of Malaysia it is a MAL Registered product under Supplement, Traditional or OTC Drug and/or are banned for use.

not allowed in food prohibited

This is a list of ingredients which are not allowed to be used in Food Products.

Adapted from here Updated Jan 2023

IngredientOther Common Names
Actaea racemosaBlack Cohosh, Cimicifuga racemosa
Antiaris toxicaria (Pers.) Lesch.Bark cloth tree, antiaris, false iroko, false mvule, upas tree
Artemisia Spp. (all species)Wormwood, Mugwort
Aspidosperma Quebracho-Blanco SchltdlKebrako, White Quebracho
Atropa Spp. (all species)Antropa belladonna (deadly nightshade)
Azadirachta indicaNimba, Neem
Brucea javanica, Brucea amarissimaSumatrana amarissimus, Java brucea
Bufo gargarizans Cantor, Bufo melanostictus Schneider, Bufo vulgaris LourToad, Samsu, kodok, kerok
Calotropis Spp. (all species)Apple of Sodom, Crown flower
Cannabis Spp. (all species)Marijuana, Hemp
Catharanthus Spp. (all species)Periwinkle
Chelidonium majusCelandine, Great Celandine, Nipplewort
Chondodendron Spp. (all species)
Claviceps Spp. (all species)Ergot
Colchicum Spp. (all species)Autumn crocus, Meadow saffron, Naked lady
Conium maculatumHemlock
Coptis chinensis, Coptis teetaChinese Goldthread
Croton tiglium L.Croton
Datura Spp. (all species)Jimson weed, Devil’s apple, Green Dragon, Zombie’s Cucumber, Moon Weed, Trumpet Lily, Stinkweed
Digitalis Spp. (all species) 
Dioscorea Hispida 
Dryobalanops lanceolata BurckBorneo camphor, Kapur, Malay Camphor, Sumatra camphor
Dryopteris Spp. (all species)Mountain woodfern, Spinulose woodfern, Spreading woodfern, Fancy fern
Euphorbia Spp. (all species)Spurge
Fritillaria Spp.Fritillary Bulb
Gamma-amino Butyric Acid (GABA)
Garcinia Morella Desr.Gamboge
Gelsemium semperi virensPalaung Thay
Gypsum Fibrosum 
Hyaluronic acid 
Hyoscyamus Spp. (all species) 
Hypericum perforatumSt. John’s Wort
Juniperus sabinaSavin, Savine
Mahonia aquifolium, Mahonia repens, Mahonia nervosaMahonia Aquifolium: Oregon Grape, Mountain Grape, Barberry. Mahonia Repens: Creeping Barberry, Creeping Mahonia, Creeping Oregon-Grape
Melanorrhoea usitata Wall.Vanish tree
Monascus purpureusRed yeast rice
Mucuna pruriensCowhage, Cowage
Mylabris phalerata, Mylabris cichoriiBlister beatle, Mylabris
Natto extractFermented soybean extract
Nerium indicumIndian oleander, Exile Tree.
Nerium oleanderIndian oleander, Exile Tree.
Phellodendron amurense, Phellodendron chinenseAmur Cork tree
Plumbago indicaRose-coloured leadwort
Plumbago zeylanicaWhite leadwort
Psilocybe cubensisBoomers, Gold caps
Rauvolfia Spp. (all species) 
Sanguinaria canadensisBloodroot, Indian Paint
Scilla sinensis 
Simmondsia ChinesisJojoba
Sophora tomentosaSea coast Laburnum, Silver Bush
Spigelia marilandicaWorm grass, Pinkroot
Stichopus Spp.Gamat
Strophanthus Spp. (all species)Kombe
Strychnos ignatii, Strychnos lucida, Strychnos roberansNux-vomica
Symphytum peregrinumComfrey
Notes from NPRA
This list :
is a compilation by the FDI committee.
is not meant to be exhaustive and will be reviewed from time to time.
shall be read in conjunction with the current laws and regulations together with other relevant legislations, where applicable, governing pharmaceutical and natural products for human use in Malaysia.