Myths a OEM Manufacturer Nightmare!

It is no surprise that we live in a world where people are ever more well informed than ever before. We all have the ability to access and share vast amounts of information with anyone who cares to listen or read. This is why it’s important for business owners to arm themselves with as much knowledge as possible about their industry, customers, and competition so they can stay ahead of the game. 

We need to be aware of ACCURATE Information.

Today we are going to clarify 3 questions Furley Bioextracts always get asked.

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1. Cosmetics are required to be 100% Natural?

NO is not true.

There are products on the market which use chemical bases. Some of your most favourite brands maybe use a chemical base.

However, just because a product has chemicals doesn’t mean that it is bad for you or not natural. In fact, most of the things we use every day have been laboratory tested and processed with both inert and reactive elements to produce something entirely new.

An example of natural products which may cause problems are botanicals which can be used as a source for plant-based estrogen

2. MESTI is a Requirement

MESTI is NOT a requirement if you have GMP or pretty much any other food safety certifications it will sit above.
You can think of MESTI being the lowest achievable Food Standard available in Malaysia.

MESTI was developed by the Ministry of Health to enable MICRO entrepreneurs to export their products and get halal registration. e.g. Home-based business. Indeed a very good move to support new entrepreneurs.

It is a much more simplified version of GMP, HACCP, ISO22001 (In-order of the complexity of documentation)

“However, existing PJKM (Food Safety and Quality Division) is difficult to obtain by food manufacturing premises, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). In this regard, the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MoH) has introduced a simple scheme to achieve and meet the minimum requirements set out in the PPKM 2009, MeSTI Secure Food Certification Scheme (MeSTI).”

3. Formulation & Packaging is Fixed

This is more of a negotiation tactic from factories or agents where your minimum order quantity is small.

Meeting a patient OEM Manufacturer go through this process is most important at this point.

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