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Furley Bioextracts is one of the most innovative biotechnology companies of Malaysia. Our process chain involvement is throughout from growing, manufacturing, extraction to finish products.

Our factory is world class with FDA, ISO22000, HACCP, cGMP and Supplement licences.
Our customers include several popular multinationals, local SME’s of Malaysia and of course ourselves! We export worldwide with predominance in Asia, China, Oceania and USA.

We proudly specialise in Malaysian herbs with current focuses in garcinia mangostana and piper sarmentosum.
Our leading technology has created a remarkable natural extract which has potent anti-inflammation and antiseptic properties rivaling generic drugs.

Our vision is Fulfilling Life:

  • Enable everybody to have more moments which matter to themselves.
  • Life is precious and time is irreplaceable.
  • Allow everyone to achieve and maintain good health conveniently.

Furley Bioextracts Values

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Can do attitude

Beat expectations

Surprise & Delight

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Deliver promises

Innovative & nimble

Strive for simplicity

Reward & recognize

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Invest in development & provide opportunity for growth

Individual responsibility

High performance

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Fun loving & energetic

Passionate team player

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Second to none

Pride in work

Being safe

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Accessible & honest

Respect for each other

Value opinions

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